Monthly Archives: May 1995

Will Hira be able to cope when she gets back?


By Zubeida Mustafa

A few months ago, there was no light at the end of the tunnel for Anwar Jamal. Today, he and his wife Fatima are at peace with themselves and grateful for that.

As the parents of triplets, two of whom were born joined at the head, for two years the Jamals had to live with this aberration. Their life was being affected and they could not figure out a solution to their problem.

When I met them in their apartment in the MacDonald House close to the Hospital for Sick Children (HJSC) in Toronto in April, they had lost one of the conjoined twins, Nida, six weeks ago. But there were hopes for Hira, the surviving sister, who had lived for 27 months joined to Nida until they were separated after a 17-hour operation on January 23. Continue reading Will Hira be able to cope when she gets back?