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Yesterday once more

Reliving glory: the college facade five decades back

By Zubeida Mustafa

Though St Joseph’s College today Is not the renowned institution it once was, it still has an edge over other colleges. Can it be revived to its former high standards?

St Joseph’s College is celebrating its golden jubilee — belatedly — this month. Actually it was in June 1998 that the college completed its 50 years. This provided me with the much needed excuse to pay a long over-due visit to the college. My initial reaction was that of relief. The hum of activity was reassuring. The college was alive. For me even that was something great after the depressing stories I had read in the press about the ‘lifelessness’ of colleges once admissions were over. But, without any disrespect to the present teachers, who must be admired for plodding on in adverse circumstances, I looked in vain for that air of excellence St Joseph’s had been famous for once upon a time. Continue reading Yesterday once more