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Nuclear war: an insane option

By Zubeida Mustafa
Source: Dawn

MAY 28 is the fourth anniversary of Pakistan’s nuclear tests at Chaghai. On Yom-i-takbir, which the government celebrated in a big way in 1999, it informed the people through boastful newspaper ads: “We are the seventh nuclear power of the world”.

Today, as war clouds gather on the horizon, this nuclear status gives us no joy or confidence. Those in power might reassure us that nuclear weapons will not be used. But who will believe them? Can states, which possess nuclear arsenals, keep their confrontation limited to warfare with conventional weapons?
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Another world is possible

By Zubeida Mustafa

A recent women’s conference in the US proved valuable for its contribution in reinforcing faith in the feminist interpretation of history, writes Zubeida Mustafa

When women from Pakistan, India and the US met in Westfield, Massachusetts recently what were they hoping to achieve? The Global Women’s History Project, which organized the meeting, is designed to give women the feminist perspective to their history.

The idea is that while their governments squabble, the women can meet unencumbered by the burdens of male-centred history and take a common female perspective of issues. Dr Elise Young, the founder of this project, is a professor of history at Westfield State College and describes her passion in life which is to bring together women on a platform of non-violence from the opposite sides of the political divide. She has already organized two such moots before bringing together women of Palestine and Israel, and from South Africa and Ireland to find common ground.
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AUTHOR: Historian with a soul

By Zubeida Mustafa IN these turbulent times when the Middle East is up in flames, Dr Elise Young’s interpretation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is remarkably insightful and, coming from a Jew, radical. She learnt about her people’s history from her … Continue reading

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Globalization of terrorism

By Zubeida Mustafa
Source: Dawn

LAST week, Pakistan experienced the horror of its first case of suicide bombing in which 14 people were killed, 11 of them French engineers working on a naval submarine project.

This act of terrorism will have far-reaching implications for Pakistan’s politics, economy, security and foreign policy, apart from the effect it has had of besmirching the country’s image even further at a time when a turnaround was thought to be near at hand.

The authorities had no definitive information about the identity of the attacker, his motive and his connections with a terrorist network, if any. Yet the knee-jerk reaction in official circles was to point an accusing finger at India for this horrendous crime.

These allegations surprised no one, for it has been the traditional practice for the two countries to make the other the scapegoat when such criminal incidents occur.
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