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Will Pakistan follow Egypt?

THE question above is agitating many minds today. If we believe in the domino effect, other states should follow suit. Egypt came after Tunisia and now there are rumblings in other parts of the Arab world. I tried to look … Continue reading

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Our leaders of tomorrow

Why can’t we have a training school for politicians to teach them the basic art of politics? Even if one was there, the emphasis would have to be on practical politics that can’t be taught in the classroom. There is … Continue reading

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Pakistan’s Media: Finally Free But How Responsible?

How is Pakistan’s media treating the Raymond Davis’ case? Click here to read the article.

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Dialogue and Compassion

The Karachi Literature Festival has emerged as a cultural landmark of the city. It attracted bigger crowds this year and was an impressive intellectual event. But if it is grow, it must be more inclusive and its venue should be … Continue reading

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What Children Learn

An independent survey by an NGO has found that schoolchildren in Pakistan are not learning what they are expected to know. There are many issues that need to be addressed, one major one being pedagogy. Click here to read the … Continue reading

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