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Inequalities in education

by Zubeida Mustafa

LAST Thursday, massive demonstrations in Santiago, Chile, captured the world’s attention. It was not the Latin American version of the Arab Spring. It was something more, which would be unheard of in Pakistan. Continue reading

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The economy after 9/11

by Zubeida Mustafa

AS Americans focused on remembering those who died 10 years ago on Sept 11 at the World Trade Centre in New York and debated how this momentous event had changed their lives, it was an excellent idea by Dawn’s business pages to devote space to analysing the post-9/11 changes in the lives of Pakistanis. Continue reading

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Chinese in Sindh schools

by Zubeida Mustafa

STILL mired in its indecisiveness about an effective language in education policy and its implementation, the Sindh government has decided to move a step further into the realm of mass confusion on the education front. Continue reading

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Canada and 9/11 anniversary

SUNDAY will be the 10th anniversary of 9/11 which turned out to be a watershed event in contemporary politics. It also changed the lives of millions across the globe.

In the United States, which was the main victim of the vicious attacks on the twin towers, and to some extent in neighbouring Canada, there are Continue reading

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