After Davis, what?

By Zubeida Mustafa

One TV anchor asked rhetorically, “If our diplomat had killed two men in cold blood in Washington, would the Americans have allowed him to go home under cover of diplomatic immunity?” Obviously not, because the United States is a superpower and Pakistan is not. In short, we have an unequal relationship, notwithstanding the hype about state sovereignty. We have trapped ourselves in an unsavoury situation by tying ourselves too closely to the American apron strings with the incumbent indignity.

The time has come for serious rethinking of our foreign policy and this cannot be done in the glare of publicity. We need to realise that ‘the burden of US aid’ that our leading intellectual, Hamza Alavi, had written about in 1962 is growing heavier by the day. It has implications for our politics, economy, and foreign policy. It is also demeaning.

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19 thoughts on “After Davis, what?

  1. @Ali, The quantum of aid may be very small but the influence is tremendous .. due to the presence of so many Mir Jaffers in Pakistan.. who want to sell the soil, the people and with well established havens to escape at a moment's notice! Just watch the Reko Diq affair.. 3 trillion dollars of resources being shipped away.. from a district where the learning level of children 6-16 years, recorded by ASER Paksitan in 2010 is 0 !
    Where people who speak for inclusion and tolerance are not part of a 'mainstream closed interpretation of Islam' are killed ruthlessly… and life goes on as usual.. Who wants to be ruled by such rulers.. the dominoes of Sudan,Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Jordan.. must reach Pakistan soon .. bringing our youth out on the streets who see no future in today's Pakistan; the liberation from post colonial usurpers must begin..NOW..

    Thanks Zubeida ..

  2. Well said! I appreciate the view that Pakistanis as a nation should feel indignant and disgraced if Davis is acquitted without a court decision. The country would have to face the contempt of the world. Point of concern is that we should stand for self reliance. This is possible only once we buy and sell our own products rather than hatch eggs produced in the US. I support you for calling for self reliance and a life of dignity and grace. Thanks for this valuable contribution and concern. The educated lot should follow your vision and anticipate success.

  3. A painful and tragic truth for pakistan

    but will we as a nation ever rise from the ashes into a blazing phoenix as the arabs are doing right now – while we go on in our own destructive and regressive ways – back towards the stone age!

    1. Ms Zubeida!

      You should have directed 'insider selling' to post such information on ECONOMICS related POST otherwise how the given information relates to DAVIS or relation between USA and Pakistan.

      Moderation derailed?

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