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  1. I have had the opportunity to read a few article on your website. I believe that these articles are of good quality. Please continue writing substantive article and set yourself apart from the other Arrogant Pakistani Journalists.

  2. @Hafeez

    You are right but incomplete.

    1. Ms Zubeida and/or her associates is/are processing all comments and would improve English (particularly of mine) and some times would make our thoughts very clearly. So MODERATION is of high quality.

    2. The articles and their contents are totally neutral and fact stating.

    3. All the articles (except few) are meant for all and not particularly for Pakistan. The concepts applies on all.

    4. The journalism is its peak.

    5. Though Zubeida is a woman and a professional but she never behaved like a headmaster of Women Journalism.

    6. Zubeida must meet all us at least once a year. She is welcome at India as too many Indians are in her lap.

    7. Amongst us 'Ahmed41" seems a old readers so he also should post comments here.

  3. There is extreme violence and aggressive behaviours in Pakistanis (Karachities) towards old aged fragile ill parents (father and mother).One of our neighbours in Nazimabad area is AVP (Corporate Banking) in UBL Karachi and he is beating his 80 years old father to death.The father is heart patient but the executive banker (AVP) is interested to take over property and lifetime savings of the poor fragile father. He is beating him to death.

  4. I have gone through the article titled "Death of Social Sciences" by Zubeida Mustafa July 10. It is of unique nature. I am an independent researcher in physics philosophy. The topic of my research is "Nature of Time". The formula H2O is different in parallel Universes as well as the fundamentals of life.
    Khalid Masood

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