For Perween Rehman

For Perween Rehman

 By Anwar Rashid

You got scared

of an innocent fledging little bird

like all cowards

how easily scared you are

The twitter of bulbuls

the softness of the clouds

the refreshing spray of cold water

has scared you

like all cowards

how easily scared you are


You can kill one Perween

but you cannot kill

the power of an idea

what you have done

has increased commitment and courage

and sense of purpose


The light of knowledge

will continue to spread

and with it awareness

in the villages and fields


On the lips of those

who have no shoes

there will be the smile of contentment

in the dancing fields

the sound of bangles

on the cheeks of the workers

the glitter of earings


These symbols of love

are messages to the enemies of peace

listen to them cowardly assassin

for we are not alone

we are not alone

(Translated from Urdu by Arif Hasan)