Ringing the alarm bells

By Zubeida Mustafa

AT long last some in the government have belatedly woken up to, what they term, the education emergency in Pakistan. The emergency is not new. What is new is the realisation(?) in official quarters that we face a crisis. The co-chairperson of the Pakistan Education Task Force (PETF) Shahnaz Wazir Ali has therefore launched a campaign exhorting people to march for education and sign a petition “to force Pakistan’s leaders to finally get serious about providing every child with a decent school and a committed teacher”.

In a dramatic presentation we are informed that 25 million children are out of school in Pakistan. One may add that few of those who are enrolled receive quality education. The physical infrastructure is appalling and the state of pedagogy is dismally shocking.

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2 thoughts on “Ringing the alarm bells

  1. With ref to your last para. I have seen some education, some parents, pupils and teachers. The parents taught their kids to give more respect to their teacher than they did to their father because the latter only begot them but the former shaped them into human beings. Pupils respected their teachers even after entering life and career. Teachers were respected regardless of their religion. And teachers not only taught lessons but also etiquette and behaviour.
    In East Pakistan once I went on a tour to a remote village. The place had produced quite a few ICS officers and other famous people including the dancer Uday Shankar. After partition the Hindu officers had left but still visited during Durga Puja. One of the reason for their visit was to meet the headmaster. He had declined all requests to migrate. A bachelor he lived on the school premises and refused to wrest himself away from the school. And there he died.

    Where are such parents, pupils and teachers?

  2. Without paying their dues and putting enough effort and getting degrees has given us the teacher which we complain about everyday. We deserve what we get. Cheating, nepotism and shortcuts have ruined many nations in every walks of life. Why do we just complain about education. Some fault lies in external stimuli but mostly we need to look inward and ask if need to change. Jilanee needs might find that answer without looking too far!!

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