Some thoughts on the writing of Of Martyrs and Marigolds

By Aquila Ismail

Forty odd years have gone by since those dark days that I spent in the Murapara internment camp in newly created Bangladesh, with my mother and sister, not knowing where my father and brothers were. It still hurts. It still makes me nauseous. How is it that something so beyond one’s control can take over, destroy, and mar life forever? I was never given a chance to say, ‘I was born here, this is my land, do not take it away from me.’

That is how the world works Borders and boundaries are all transient and fragile.

The book did not bring closure. It opened old wounds.

But these will not be brought to bear any revenge but an understanding that there is more to humanity than the religion it follows, or the tongue which it speaks in.

There is a shared link of time spent together amongst flowers and fragrances. Both bring good memories which are salve for the wounds that conflicts for power inflict on us.

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4 thoughts on “Some thoughts on the writing of Of Martyrs and Marigolds

  1. East Pakistan was such a tragedy with so many lives destroyed or marred.yet one feels sorry that no one was held accountable in our country for this.We are lucky the Bengalis ,in majority,did not claim the name Pakistan for their country.

  2. It was a tragedy created and organized by political vendetta of Indra Ghandi ,now even our Bengali brothers feels that they were used by Indians for their ulterior motives to weeken Pakistan and propaganda at that time against Pakistan was not that true,the support of Bengali people to Pakistan cricket team in Dacca is a clear example of lost love between us which still exist in our hearts.

    1. Its ever repentence for the incapables,unforsightedness on part of the leaders of that time.However,we must learnt from the history and have foresightedness not to recurr such happenings and take steps individually and if possible collectively to mittigate the sorry,sobbing feelings from the suferers in general and survivals victims in particular.Brotherhood and friendship needs to be revived and flourished sincerely to regain lost love as rightly pointed out by Mr.Aftab Rizvi in his reply paragraph above.

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