Thoughts of a three-year-old

By Shama Askari

A BLUE sky, big birds going round and round in circles. A butterfly, a scary spider. The wind rustling in the leaves, Beautiful flowers, some don’t smell nice. The sun on my face. And lots and lots of sand, that is my construction site. I can dig for hours…I saw a little ant carrying a tree, it was going home, he was sad because he couldn’t find his mother…

I like to play catch with Gubs, he is a dog. But he is mean and doesn’t return the ball, that makes me angry and then I don’t speak to him.

Bahadur is a beautiful cat; I like to chase him when no one is looking, and I quickly stroke him if I hear someone coming; they say it’s mean to chase cats.

I can ride my cycle really fast and run screaming HAAAAA around the house especially after I have had something sweet to eat.

They say, and by that, I mean all the people I live with, that I am a very sweet child, I like to cuddle and give many many hugs and kisses and I am three years old. Life is great.

Something very bad happened the other day. I had a meltdown. Here is what happened; I did not want the sun to come up because I did not want to go to school. So I said, ’No Way,’ to my mother. She did not accept that and forced me to wear my school shirt. I tried to make her understand that I did not enjoy class and proved it by screaming through it. For instance I know all the colours. It’s blue and yellow. But when I yell at my teacher staring at me through the computer screen it sounds: ‘Booo and yewooo,’ Then I yell out all the numbers like ‘Fooouuurrrrr,’ Of course I know them all as I know the colours and animals but I just didn’t feel like telling the teacher. I didn’t care if she liked me or not or if she thought I was clever. Besides who is she to judge; I didn’t even want to make my mother feel proud of me. Serves her right. I hate PE (Physical Exersise) the most on Zoom, How stupid it is to confine a small boy to a little space when I can do so much more. I can run in my own house for God’s Sake or jump up and down on my sofa! That is when I threw the chair and pushed everything off the table.  I even bit my mother’s hand and then I pulled her hair, things I never ever do. She still did not get it, I hated school; instead, I was lectured on consequences and made to sit in the ‘thinking chair’. All I thought about was throwing the computer out of the window and breaking a few things and hitting some more. Then I was given a choice, that is a mean thing to do to a three-year-old. School and my construction site. If I sat through school properly, I could go out and play!

Everyone is miserable in class, I can see their faces on the squares on the computer, my mother feels sorry for the teacher instead!

Then there is Alia, she is very lucky, she does not go to school. She is my best friend. She speaks in a different language than mine, but we understand each other. I love sitting in the kitchen with her and her mother eating roti. I wonder why my mother keeps giving my toys to her and says I have to learn to share. Besides, I heard my mother whispering that Alia would have to go to school. The worst part is that Alia’ mother agrees.

I don’t know how to warn Alia about the horrors of strange aunties staring at you through the screen, making you repeat words like a parrot especially when you know words like T-Rex, Pterodactyls and Raptor, and worst of all making you sing! She must resist. I tried and failed.

We live in something called Covid times. My father thinks these are difficult days. I honestly don’t care, but both my parents agree that School on Zoom is better than nothing. Nobody asks me for my views. Poor Alia, she has no idea what she is in for.

People tell my mother she must distract me when I am being difficult rather than being told No, No, No, I don’t know what distract means, but people slip up and yell ‘No,’ They find it is a very effective word to use. But when I use it myself, especially in a growly voice,  NOOO, I am told I am being naughty!