Tribute to Abdus Sattar Edhi

By Badri Raina

Dear Soul, you left your body
with no thought for your pain;
your last word was for the last man,
and  food for our fallen brain.

Edhi’s six secrets that won him people’s love and trust

  1. He loved the poor which means he lived like them and among them.
  2. Was humble to the core and very approachable.
  3. His integrity was never in doubt yet he ensured it was visible.
  4. You could call his enterprise love-&-charity-without-borders. Everyone was reached whatever be their faith, class, age, gender or ethnicity.
  5. He was the “ruler” of his sprawling “empire” yet he acted like the humblest worker performing with his own hands what he expected his workers to do — be it to wash the unclaimed corpses or drive an ambulance to reach a scene of crisis.And most importantly


  6. That is why in his last illness which struck him in 2o13 he turned to the Sindh Institute of Urology & Transplantation — a hospital where the poor are loved and not allowed to die because they cannot afford to pay for their treatment to stay alive.