What I am learning from Malala Yusufzai

By Durriya Kazi

I am a teacher and being a teacher I am actually a student as the oft repeated story tells us..

So as the story of Malala unfolds, she has become my most influential teacher today..

So what have I learnt?

You can protest gracefully and with a smile

Resistance is as important as action

People who make life difficult are not always bad evil people .. they most often are “lazy lazy” ( M.Y.)

By deciding to change your own circumstances you can change the world.

If your loved ones are with you, you can achieve so much more

Courage does not need a gun

When one falls the other must take her place – life is a relay event: we must run it together.

We need inspiration to stop being “lazy lazy”

Age is not a factor. Confidence is.

Children have wisdom and often see things more clearly.

Those who encourage us as also heroes… such as Malala’s parents, family and community.

Us “lazy lazy” people do have a heart waiting to beat louder … so many have been touched by Malala.

A simple thing like the right to knowledge can be the most important thing to fight for.

8 thoughts on “What I am learning from Malala Yusufzai

  1. i am still in shock to think how a grown up man can raise and fire shots on a young and smiling girl like malala.While i am proud to b a muslim but ashamed to see such people in our ranks.Sooner we get rid of this menace the Taliban factor the better it is for our community.

  2. DECIDE that we shall not cast our vote in favour of any party which has the smallest sympathy with these thugs and make our decision known to all, loud and clear.

  3. Let us call the spade a spade.Cowards are cowards all of the Talibans are cowards and gutless scums growing on the face of Islam like a carbuncle. The only solution is skilful surgical operation. Unfortunately our forces are in the hands of people less than fit for purpose individuals.
    The fact that the Establishment of Pakistan has decided to pay the medical bill for Malala is an eloquent proof that the Establishment is playing poker with the lives of Pakistanis. Otherwise what happened to other Malalas ?
    Why has not this nefarious carbuncle been wiped off from the face of the earth?
    Are the people responsible to protect the citizens not paid enough? Why they have not kept the citizens safe?

    They enjoying the luxurious and expensive cars, living in expensive houses without paying for them with so many stripes on the free uniforms are the real culprit. All of the luxuries paid by people like the parents of all the Malalas of the country.
    So Malala is a symbol of the misery of the country.
    Shame on those who failed us again.

  4. I stand by Kazi and hold the opinion that a man can learn from any one and that too at any stage of his/her life. The reality is that a man is a student till death.

    Malala has taught too many lessons at the risk of her life.

  5. I wish we do more to affect a change and force the govt to allocate a larger portion of GDP for education.Furthermore,we need to go to the communities to apprise them of their right to education and to prevail upon their elected representatives to ensure their voices are heard in the legislative assemblies.

  6. Assalamu alaikum

    While i strongly condemn the attack on young Malala in strongest words as it is against the basic islamic teachings……..

    But on the other hand i ask u journalist fraternity of muslim world, why dont u raise same hue and cry when a drone attack kills small children of pakistan, afghanistan, yemen etc. Why u people remain silent when american soldiers raping our sisters in front of their relatives and then burning them, tell me why ur champion of human rights Asma jehangeer when visited Occupied Kashmir some years ago keeped mum when asked to press indian govt abt rights abuses in kashmir and highlight this issue at international forums…..

    At last i want to tell u that Islam never allows anybody innocent to be killed whether he be frm a family who has well connections with media houses and political parties etc. or frm the poor people who gt killed at the hands of mighty powerful armies of the world….

    i personally never endorse anything which is against the teaching of Islam…..

    U people belong to the media and becoz of it u hv a big responsibilty of making people aware of the things which r taking place in the world and in it is responsibility that u hv to do justice by highlighting the issues with equal importance……u hv highlighted the issue of Malala yousuf zai that is good bt now i will be waiting for highlighting the issues of those women who were killed n drones in Afg-pak. Also i want to highlight the issue of Dr Aafia Siddiqui with the same spirit as was done in case of Malala yousuf zai…….

    If u dont do that it shows that u actually r working unintntionally or intentionally fr those forces whose only aim is to wipe Islam frm the surface of Earth.


    1. bviously you haven't learnt anything from Malala. By closing your eyes and ears youdo not see or hear what people say about the issues you have raised. Please listen carefully and you will hear us better.

    2. Please go to your concluding lines and give details of the forces whose only aim is to wipe ISLAM. Perhaps some hard core minds are themselves to be blamed.

      Malala now belongs to all on this earth and prior to attack on her she was a Pakistani. Malala has been recognized as BRAVE AND SPIRITED girl. Prayers for her recovery were held every where. I salute her and hope the other girls of Pakistan will work similarly to uphold the values of true ISLAM.

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