Zahra Sabri wins Zubeida Mustafa Award

KARACHI, Dec 14: The Dawn Media Group announced the result of the competition for the Zubeida Mustafa Award for Journalistic Excellence on Saturday, with the citation and cash prize going to Zahra Sabri for her article “A Textbook Case”, which was published in the Herald magazine in December last year.

Ms Sabri’s article was amongst the over two dozen investigative news reports and news features submitted for the competition by women writers whose work was published in various accredited, Pakistan-based and English-language publications, said a press release.

The judges were unanimous that Ms Sabri’s work stood out for quality of research, clarity and accessibility of writing, and for being closest to the ideals and ideas for which the figure who inspired the award stands.

The award was instituted in recognition of the contribution of Ms Zubeida Mustafa to the Dawn Media Group, where she worked for over three decades, to Pakistan’s news publishing industry, and for promoting women in journalism.

This year’s panel of judges comprised Zohra Yusuf, Chairperson of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Tausif Ahmed Khan, Chairman of the Federal Urdu University’s Department of Mass Communications, and Tahira Abdullah, a researcher, author, peace and human rights activist.

The Dawn Media Group will invite entries for next year’s competition in due course, the press release said.

Source: Dawn

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