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Nine nations vow to end illiteracy by AD 2000

From Zubeida Mustafa

NEW DELHI, Dec 16: In a colourful ceremony held amidst tight security measures, the leaders from the nine high population countries pledged to ensure a place for every child in school by the year 2000 or at the earliest possile moment.

The Thursday morning session was devoted to policy statements in which the participats reaffirmed their commitment to the goal of Education for All (EFA). In the afternoon they adopted the declaration and framework for action.

Inaugurating the summit, Indian President Dr Shanker Dayal Sharma described the EFA as the most important endeavour being undertaken in the world which should accelerate the emergence of a higher level of civilisation in this planet and foster the spirit of humanism, peace and friendship between nations. Continue reading Nine nations vow to end illiteracy by AD 2000

Pakistan to repeal discriminatory laws against women

By Zubeida Mustafa

NEW DELHI, Dec 14: Women were the focus of discussion on the second day of the pre-summit ministerial meeting on education for all organised by UN1CEF, UNESCO and UNFPA. But all that was highlighted about the low status of women has been said ad nauseam at conference dealing with women and female education.

UNFPA executive director, Dr Nafis Sadik, spoke of the link between women’s education and low fertility and low infant mortality. She called for literacy and education being made easily accessible to women.

It fell to Shabana Azmi, the Indian film personality and social activist, to explode the myth that education by itself improves the status of women.

In a hard-hitting and powerful speech, she said economic emancipation does not come automatically for a woman who earns. Women’s education should be so designed as to lead to their liberation and empowerment, Shabana said. Continue reading Pakistan to repeal discriminatory laws against women