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Book Review: This Is Not That Dawn

By Zubeida Mustafa

The partition of India in 1947 was an epochal event. It inducted the post-war era of decolonisation that came to form a landmark in world history. It also raised popular expectations: the people would be the beneficiaries of the promised 3D phenomena of decolonisation, democratisation and development. Leaders decided the fates of nations and the people provided the backdrop in the shape of slogan-raising crowds cheering the demagogues. Continue reading Book Review: This Is Not That Dawn

Why Shahid cannot read

By Zubeida Mustafa

Shahid, my driver, is not educated. He is not even literate and can barely recognise the alphabets and numbers. On the other hand, Shahid is very intelligent and can connect the wires of my computer correctly; he also maintains the engine of my car pretty well. One day I asked Shahid why he didn’t study when his parents sent him to school in his childhood. With a technological bent of mind, he could have done so well in life.
Continue reading Why Shahid cannot read

Consensus at Harvard

By Zubeida Mustafa
Source: Dawn

OF late, the education sector in Pakistan has come under intense scrutiny abroad. Aid-givers and the so-called partners in the war on terror have belatedly reached the conclusion that at the root of Pakistan’s ills lies the country’s failure to educate its citizens.

Hence the sudden flood of foreign-funded reports and studies on education. It is a different matter that many of their assumptions are Continue reading Consensus at Harvard