Zubeida Mustafa is a freelance journalist who writes a fortnightly column for Dawn, the paper with which she worked as an assistant editor from 1975 to 2008. Dawn is Pakistan’s most widely circulated and influential English language newspaper that was founded in 1947.

Ms Mustafa writes on a variety of subjects but her interest has mainly been in the social sector which she has covered extensively. She has investigated in-depth issues such as education, health care, women’s empowerment, children’s rights and the lives of ordinary people.

While working with Dawn, Ms Mustafa wrote editorials and also launched a number of sections which were very well received. She was in-charge of the One World Supplement which Dawn published in the early 1980s in partnership with 15 leading newspapers from all over the world. These included Le Monde (Paris), Asahi Shimbun (Tokyo), La Stampa (Rome), The Indian Express (New Delhi), Jornal du Brasil (Rio de Janeiro), etc.

She launched and edited Dawn’s “Health Page”, “Book Page”, “Education Page”, “CareerWise”, “Encounter”, “Karachi Notebook” and most notably “Books & Authors”, the first book magazine brought out by any newspaper in Pakistan.

Before she entered the world of journalism, Ms Mustafa worked at the Pakistan Institute of International Affairs (PIIA), Karachi as a Research Officer. Her research papers were published in Pakistan Horizon, the quarterly journal of the PIIA.

Ms Mustafa’s articles have been published in foreign newspapers and websites.

She has compiled and edited a number of books:

In May 2012 The International Women’s Media Foundation nominated her for its Lifetime Achievement Award 2012.

She has also received Lifetime Achievement Awards from UKS (2013) and Ladies Fund (2015)

She is the winner of “Global Media Award for Excellence” in 1986 and 2004 presented by the Population Institute, Washington, USA.

She also received an award from the Pakistan Publishers and Booksellers Association in December 2005 in recognition of her contribution to Books & Authors.

Zubeida Mustafa did her Masters in International Relations from the University of Karachi. She has also studied at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

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