Our leaders of tomorrow

Why can’t we have a training school for politicians to teach them the basic art of politics? Even if one was there, the emphasis would have to be on practical politics that can’t be taught in the classroom. There is no substitute for real life experience. In this context, the concept of exposing children to the democratic processes by setting up representative institutions in the schoolroom has always appealed to many.In an interesting move three years ago, the Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (Sparc) launched the Children’s Parliament of Pakistan (CPP). This has the potential of playing a significant role in providing training and education in political processes to young citizens at the grassroots. That is how I felt after meeting Babar Ali, a teenager and student of Class X at the Korangi Academy, resident of Ali Goth and member of the Regional Assembly of Karachi and Hyderabad. I discovered Babar at the Academy’s annual day function where he presented to a large audience his documentary on the hazards of eating gutka.

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  1. It is the class structure of our society that puts up brutal barriers across our masses. The change must come from the top, though it is quite difficult but we can do it together by educating our public and not the children only.

  2. Majority is authority
    The proponents of Democracy hold that majority is authority which is, besides being a false statement, a misleading assumption. This is so because human history is unable to come up with such single event of major significance which was triggered by the expressed consent of, or reflected the collective view point held by, or procured any material benefit for, the majority of those therein involved or thereby effected. in actual fact, the holders of capital and owners of land, or their nexus, have either directly, or through hired agents of all kinds, been grinding their own axe in the name of the majority without, in any way, tending to the desires, or attending to the needs, of those toiling with capital and land to produce such goods and to arrange such services as are meant for the direct use, or financial benefit, of the owners.
    Democracy evloved in Ploythesim (enlightement) requires following actions to activate system for throughput (Adam weishaupt the first utopian to think on a global scale , and he looked forward to the day his group would bring about the Novus Ordo Seclorum, sometimes called the New World Order. The Illuminati had five goals, including):
    (a) Abolition of monarchies and all ordered governments,
    (b) Abolition of private property and inheritances,
    (c) Abolition of patriotism and nationalism,
    (d) Abolition of family life and the institution of marriage, and the establishment of communal education of children,
    (e) Abolition of all religion.

    All above was basic requirement for establishing World Government/Global Village
    All efforts made in this regard resulted WAR of TERROR after fall of secularism followed by capitalism.

    Because, however, such goals are not only incompatible with, but also negate, the do’s and don’ts prescribed by the Almighty, the governing codes/constitutions in Muslim countries entail constant revision/amendment which get tailored, most of the time, for the benefit of an elite ruling class. Nevertheless, such frequent tinkering with the basic document not only renders it impracticable and redundant but also promotes weak but despotic and dictatorial governments. Dictatorship ignores public input for throughput and force the public by unfair means for throughput which results undocumented economy for covering corruption and unfair distribution of national resources as an output.Which is evident in all Muslim countries.
    Multi party system is in conflict with the Quranic Edict.[al-emran 103] http://www.suprasystem.org

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