Review: Etienne and the Angry Dot

Etienne and the Angry Dot

FOR all the children of the world – be they in the West or the East, in Pakistan or in the US – the pandemic lockdown has been a trying time. Their lives have changed drastically. They cannot go out and play as they have normally done.

 Those who are young can’t even understand what is happening and why. Even those who are old enough to read books or listen to stories from their mothers are at a loss because this new phenomenon has not been written about much and definitely not from the point of view of young readers.

Seen against this backdrop, Rumana Husain’s Etienne and the Angry Dot, a Kindle book published by Amazon, is a unique addition to children’s literature. This 10-page beautifully illustrated publication in verse will not just amuse readers 3-8 years of age but will also inform and educate them in an entertaining style. In fact even older children would enjoy it.

 What an ingenious idea to create an angry dot to explain the virus that can’t be seen but causes so much disruption in children’s lives. The book explains the SOPs to familiarise the readers with the restrictions that confuse them.

There is also the positive dimension of the book. The environment. The angry dot has driven people inside their homes and work has come   to a standstill. This has enabled the Earth to take time off to rest.

Rumana is a seasoned writer of children’s srory books. She has over 60 books to her credit. Her own grandchildren inspire Rumana to write. Being in a state of lockdown with them and observing fheir feelings she felt she had to pick up her pen to write Etienne…..  May she always be inspired. I hope she will also write a book on the angry dot in Urdu in which the author is fluent. Z.M.